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Why Should you Shop Local This Christmas

When you shop Small at any point in the year and not just at Christmas, you are funding the livelihoods of those Small Business Owners.

We are so grateful for every purchase small or big, it means a lot to us by far. We will be trawling the streets of Bideford to find all of our Christmas Gifts locally this year to help support our independent friends.

Being a independent business isn't just about doing a job that you love and are passionate about, it's a sense of community and support. If we all support one another we can really make the British High Street something to be proud of.

2020 has been incredibly difficult for all businesses up and down the country with some not surviving this year. 

I believe the Aery Living Candle In the image holds a strong message ''Positive Energy''. Because, without Positivity at a time like this can have a detrimental effect on your wellbeing.  

In a way, Shopping Local and Positivity go hand in hand. By Shopping Local you inflict Positivity on the Business Owner(s), you are making their day by giving them a sale.

Next time you think about shopping with a Giant retailer who makes billions of pounds a year, consider shopping with your local independent shop instead. You will not receive the same loyalty from from giant Corporations as you will from your local shops. 

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