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Surviving Lockdown 2.0

In the coming days we will be preparing to open the shop back up again to the public.

This is something that we are both very excited about as being thrown out of a normal routine isn't good for anyone and can often leave you lost in your day.
Wondering how you are going to fill the hours while waiting for orders to drop in.

There is only so much day time TV a person can take.

We have been searching the internet most days looking for new stock and suppliers for 2021.
Hopefully next year will be prosperous unlike the disaster that is 2020.
We have Christmas to look forward to now and the hope that the next few weeks will be busy to make up for Lockdown 2.0.

It has been hard to gauge how much stock is needed for Christmas, as this is our first one after all.

We have exciting things to come in 2021 not just business but in our personal lives as well. Facts that will all become clear soon.

There have been many discussions on how to rearrange the shop for our re-opening in a few days time.
The decorations and Christmas Products will be taking Centre Stage, with a large candle collection to support it.
Lets be honest, who doesn't love a candle. Right?

There have been many hurdles along the way with try to agree on what products that not only look right in the shop but also suit our brand as a whole.
We must admit, there are a few products that we bought purely to 'fill space'.

It's has been such a great journey already, and we can't wait to continue into brighter things and grow our beloved business in 2020.

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